Police often don’t follow the same rules…

I came across this story the other night.

Recall that I too was pulled over for honking at a law-breaking police officer. In my case, I had no video. Plus, I didn’t handle it as well. I didn’t stick to the “you were breaking the law” aspect of my honking. When stopped by the police, it’s difficult to remain calm but persistent. It’s easy to let them control the dialog, in which case it turns into a normal traffic stop in which you are the culprit. In my case, Officer Johnson didn’t think she did anything wrong and I didn’t push the issue like I should have.

As for the video above, I am not sure how the officer would have acted if there was no recording. Maybe he would have still been decent about the whole thing. It’s certainly true that some officers are good people. I do believe that they should be called out on it any time they violate the law. Yes, I think 50% of traffic laws are stupid. But I think that the only way we get a fair balance of freedom and safety is for us to push back and make sure that those in the system have to abide by the same laws. This way, if a law is truly terrible, I believe it will be repealed. If a law is fair, then it’s reasonable to expect that the police should follow it as well.

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